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Industrial quality reliable generators for Agriculture, Mining, Hire, Construction Industries & Recreation activities from Murrayfab Engineering in Albury Wodonga

  Robin Subaru Petrol Generators

Subaru P25 Generator

These petrol generators range from 1600 to 6400 watts, (2.0 to 8.0 KVA) and will power most equipment for the general agricultural, mining, construction and hire industries, plus recreational markets.

Models include:

  • P20
  • P25
  • P30
  • P40
  • P53
  • P56
  • P70
  • P80
Subaru P25 Generator
Subaru P70 Generator
Subaru P70 Generator
  Robin Subaru AVR Petrol Generators
Subaru RG2900L Generator

From 550 to 4300 watts. Powered by overhead valve, heavy-duty SUBARU industrial engines, manufactured in Japan. Small, Lightweight Portable Models to Industrial Capacity Models. 2 years warranty.

Models include:

  • RG2900L
  • RG3500L
  • RG4800L
Subaru RG2900L Generator
Subaru RG4800L Generator
Subaru RG4800L Generator



Robin Subaru Diesel Generators
Subaru D32E Diesel Generator

These Diesel Generators are low maintenance heavy duty industrial generators suitable for situations when it is not practical to have petrol powered generators such as Mining, boating and marine applications, with the added benefit that diesel fuel is more economical than petrol. Diesel is also chosen for it's low flammability, low cost and stability over time.
Some models are available with electric start and long range fuel tanks.

Models include:

  • D32E, (3.2KVA)
  • D56 (5.6KVA)
  • D69, (6.9KVA)
Subaru D32E Diesel Generator
Subaru D69 Diesel Generator
Subaru D69
Diesel Generator
  Robin Subaru Welder Generators

Subaru 3D180 Diesel Welder Generators

These 3 in 1 Welder Generators are available in petrol and diesel powered models.

They can be used in a workshop or as mobile units on utilities and traybacks to be taken to the job and will handle most requirements.

Each model is available in electric or recoil start and comes complete with battery charger.

Models include:

  • the 3D180,(5 KVA - diesel) or
  • the 3P200, (7KVA - petrol)
Subaru 3D180
Diesel Welder Generator
Subaru 3D180 Petrol Welder Generator
Subaru 3D180
Petrol Welder Generator
  Robin Subaru Portable Generators
Subaru  R650 Portable generator

Portable generators for the great outdoors.

Portable power packs will ensure trouble free holidaying, camping, caravanning, boating and 4WDriving when you need it. Operates caravan freezers, lights, TV's, radios, fans etc.

The R650 produces 0.55 KVA and the R1700i, (1.65 KVA), inverter model features inverter technology which allows it to run laptops, desktop computers and printers as well as day to day small household and outdoor appliances.

Both generators provide quiet operation and run on 4 stroke petrol, so there is no mixing of fuel required.

Subaru R650 Portable generator
Subaru R1700i Portable generator
Subaru R1700i Portable generator
  Robin Subaru Silent Inverter Generators
Subaru RG3200iS Silent Inverter

'RGi' Silent Inverter series generators feature:

State-of-the-Art Inverter-combines load-sensing electronic throttle control with improved combustion & lubrication to significantly reduce fuel consumption, plus yield a quieter, softer tone on start-up & shut-down as well as constant running

Double-Wall Acoustical Housing-damping panel/resin panel reduces both high frequency and low frequency noise. Sound attenuating materials are highly fire-resistant.

Ideal for powering computers, medical equipment, sensitive instrumentation and other equipment sensitive to voltage surges

Designed for long running construction and rental applications, SUBARU builds the entire engine and generator together as one high quality unit.

Models include:

  • RG3200iS,(3200Watts)
    and the
  • RG4300iS, (4300Watts)

Ideal portable power source for:

  • Plant hire
  • Back-up power
  • Emergency stand-by
  • Mobil emergency service
  • Factory & plant maintenance
  • Small business
  • Fire & Police emergency
  • Building & construction sites
  • Agriculture & farming
  • Holiday homes
  • boats
  • camping
  • Emergency lighting & heating
  • Anywhere Power Is Needed in the Field
Subaru RG3200iS
Silent Inverter
Subaru RG4300iS Silent Inverter
Subaru RG4300iS
Silent Inverter









Murrayfab Engineering is based in Albury Wodonga on the NSW Victoria border we supply the Robin Subaru electrical generators throughout Southern New South Wales, the Riverina and Northeast Victoria.

Please contact us to discuss your requirements or visit the Crommelins Machinery website, for further information

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