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McHitch AUHD6K Automatic Tow Coupling
$ 595.00

6 Tonne Automatic Trailer Hitch with Handbrake

Choose WDH Option (Please read option details in description)

The Big Boy, the largest coupling McHitch makes, capable of a huge 6 tonne capacity, to replace pintle and rings and others for use on large, heavier scale equipment.

Identical to the 4.5 tonne rated coupling, the only difference being the 6 tonne coupling takes a 1 & 1/4″ threaded shank. (You may need to enlarge existing 7/8″ tow tongue hole to 1&1/4″).

The bolt hole dimensions (centre to centre) are a standard size of 185mm x 55mm, can easily be manipulated slightly due to the holes being elongated.

This "Easy Fit" model suits most caravans and features;

  • Super low height of 125mm at its highest point making it the lowest coupling on the market.
  • Capable of over 90 degrees of movement on every axis.
  • 6 Tonne 1-1/4" Shank
  • Handbrake.

Join the many thousands now singing the praises of this great Aussie invention.

This whole kit includes: Coupler, receiver, laser-cut ratchet handbrake, stainless steel locking hitch pin, yellow magnetic sight marker and fitting instructions.

Option One:

If you have a standard tow tongue, (no WDH set-up), choose Option One. $595 + Freight.

Option Two:

If you currently have a Weight Distribution Head we offer an adaptor pack for an extra $50 which includes an adaptor plate and a set of WDH bar rollers.

So if you have either;

  • Hayman Reese WDH
  • Eaz Lift WDH
  • Quick Lift Standard Offset WDH

Choose Option Two. $645 + Freight.